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             Herewith an application form to join the NGPS.

            Print out and fill in (or make a copy) then send it via the
          post to the Chairman.  

             Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers Society  -  Application Form




  Date of birth (if junior member )

  Please enrol me as a member of the Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers Society.   I enclose the appropriate subscription for the category of membership I have    indicated below ( please tick membership required )

  Single  £15

  Family £18-50p

  Junior  £5  (under 21)

  These fees are renewable
           every April

  Signature of new member

  Date of Application

  When completed please send this form and your subscription payment (cheques
   to ‘NGPS’) to your Chairman: Sherridan Moores, 19, Manley Road, Sale,
   Cheshire. M33 4EG. Tel. 0161 969 7567

  PayPal invoice available on request…

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