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The First Nationwide Goldfish Open Show took place on Saturday, September 27th 2014 at Weston Favell Parish Hall, Booth Lane South, Northampton.

All members of the Nationwide Goldfish groups took part. These are currently the Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers Society (NGPS), Association of Midland Goldfish Keepers (AMGK), North East Goldfish Society (NEGK) and Bristol Aquarist Society (BAS). Scottish aquarists are involved too — in fact anyone who keeps goldfish.

The Weston Favell Parish Hall
in Northampton - a good open hall for the display tanks.

What to use in 2015 is being discussed by the Nationwide Committee..more news later.

Tiered tanks ready for the 205 entries in the 57 Classes…

   Benching is underway…

 Hot & cold food  and drinks were  available all day…

The day ended with prize-giving.
Here Sherridan presents Pat Davies of AMGK with the Nationwide Award for 'Best Breeders Team Bred 2014' which was also awarded 'Best Exhibit in Show' — so he received two Award Shields.

The Best Single Adult Fish was a London Shubunkin bred by Brian Parkin (NGPS) — receiving his award from Sherridan.

 Just a few of the fish that won a First…full results are on Page 11….

The 2nd Nationwide Open Show took place again at The Weston Favell Parish Hall
in Northampton on Saturday 26th September 2015.  Another good OS, with 165 entries
and 64 tanks of Pedigree Goldfish for auction.  The winner of the Best in Show was our own Alan Ratcliffe with his famous London Shubunkins….

Sherridan - who was one of the 11 Judges…presents Alan with his rewards

The most dramatic win however was all three major ones - Best Exhibit, Best Team and Best Breeder - were won by Bob Jones of BAS.

…with his Nacreous Fantail.  Several Judges thought this should be the Best in Show too!

           For a full report see the NGPS Newsletter for October 2015.

           There are more photos of the Show on page 7 - the Shows Page

The Best Team were 4 Moors, bred 2015

Later…the 2016 Nationwide
OS will be in Horsehay Village
Hall, Telford TF4 2MF on
September 24th.

    The 4th Nationwide Open Show & Auction took place at Telford 30th September 2017

There are Chairman Sherridan with President Bill (now 91!) Judging the 166 entries in the 63 Classes.

      The other judges were Dean Roberts, Andy Barton, Alex King and Martyn Clare.


             Here they are being wined and dined thereafter (thanks Bob Jones and Jan Ferris).

                   The Show Manager was Alan Race with Andrew Barton and Graham Turner.

                   Sponsors included Aquarian, FishScience, Biffa and Vitalis

   The Fancy Guppy UK joined us for the 7th Leg of their annual European Fancy Guppy Competition.

                 Here are their judges getting ready to asses their 25 entries.


     Best in Show and the Best Exhibit was won
     by the same fish - a Ranchu by Alex King
   - our Scottish member.

     Here he is with both Awards, presented by
     Sherridan ….


 … and his winning
    Ranchu, which must
    be the best Goldfish
    of 2017.

      A few scenes and the winning fish at the Nationwide OS 2017 …..



           The winners presented with their trophies by Chairman Sherridan Moores …

Martyn Clare (NGPS)

 Mick Smith  (NGPS)

 Dean Roberts (NGPS)

 Mike Kirkham (AAGB)

   Pat Davis  (NGPS)

 Bob Jones (NGPS)

 All Firsts