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  Sharon’s winning Calico Fantail

  Sharon collects the prizes

        at BAF 2011

   Sharon’s fish like to hide in a bottle !

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    News of member Sharon Hall:

David video recording all the winners at the NEGS 2012 OS

At the NGPS 2012 OS Bill received a special plaque from Sherridan with a message from members for his past services- it said:

‘Presented in 2012 to our President Bill Ramsden to mark his exceptional contribution to the World of Goldfish.    With respect and affection from the members of the Northern Goldfish & Pondkeepers Society ‘

  Members’ Blog

Sharon wins First, Second and Third in the Fancy Goldfish Class at the Bradford OS in November 2012

…and her daughter Chelsea won a First too, with Tom the Goldfish…

All this was at the 65th anniversary Open Show of the Bradford & District Aquarist Society on November 11th 2012

Member Sharon Hall is in Japan with her family for Christmas 2012 - she has posted lots of fascinating photos on Facebook, but here is one copy for the NGPS site - a Japanese ‘Goldfish’ bowl!

This is the Veiltail  Sharon rescued as  a poor, thin, fading  pet that careful

 feeding and good  water quality has  turned  into a  potential Show fish  - or at least  breeding stock.

This is the (potential)

 Ming vase discovered

 by David Roberts in a  Yorkshire  China shop -  the décor  is breeding  Orandas….

David also brought this prewar goldfish bowl to our monthly meeting.  It is made from moulded glass, and is still shiny and clear despite being at least 75 years old.

Sherridan’s ‘Black Goldfish’

shown at the July 2013

meeting…it is resting here,

but when active, the fins

are long and well-shaped.

However, no-one thought

it was a Goldfish.  But what is it?

Sherridan’s Goldfish Bowl bought in a closing-down Chinese Shop (UK, not China) for only £20.

Wonder how much it is really worth?

 Sharon Hall attended the 2013 Bradford OS

 November 10th (we did not attend because

 it clashed with our Llandudno meeting).

 She managed a 2nd with this Goldfish….

This magnificent carving (18” high) is held by Bill Ramsden who won it at BAF back in the 90s for his furnished Coldwater Aquarium….


 You can see President Bill Ramsden’s DVD  video by clicking this link…it helps if you  have YouTube