Photos from our Shows from 2010 onwards

BAF 2010 (the 59th!) was a success on 1st August at Darwin...especially as Sherridan’s Calico Fantail won Champion of Champions Coldwater

Here is Sherridan receiving his award from Alan White of FNAS - the full story was in the NGPS Newsletter

The 51st NGPS OS was held Sept.11th and this Oranda won BinS by Andrew Barton of AMGK

Richard Rizzotti received the Golden Anniversary award for Best Progress this year - full story in NGPS Newsletter

   Photos from our Shows in 2011

  Auction of members’ fish

 Special charity auction

  2011 OS Prizes and the winning fishes

Best in Show

  Best Common Goldfish

 Best Black Moor

Best Bubble-eye and Best Celestial Goldfish

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  Showtime at the NGPS….2011

     Photos from our 2012 Open Show



The Auction…

The Prizes,,,



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Sherridan won Best in Show

with this Common Goldfish

The AMGK Ruby Anniversary Open Show took place on Saturday 28th June 2014

Guess who collect all the top prizes?  Yes, Sherridan and his Common Goldfish….

Richard’s Ryukin and Oranda got Firsts too

It was AMGK’s 40th Anniversary, so they celebrated with Commemorative Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th and handed out

Certificates of Appreciation to many members of NGPS as well as AMGK.

Dean Roberts and David Padfield won Firsts too.

There were nine Judges (who included Sherridan and Dean) and all worked to Nationwide Standards.  

 It was announced at the OS that the Nationwide Committee would hold their first Open Show on Saturday 27th

September 2014, at Weston Favell Parish Hall, Booth Lane South, Northampton NN3 3EP.

    2014 - Our 37th Annual Open Show

                          Setting up -  there were 175 aquariums to house the 200 Goldfish brought by members of the Nationwide Societies

              Arranging the Plaques and Awards

      Judging to Nationwide Standards

More photos of the winners and their Firsts in some of the 64 Classes


          For the results and who owns these winning fishes go to page 11 and click 2014

         Every First, Second and Third also received products kindly donated
                    by  Aquarian and FishScience

  The Nationwide Open Show took place 27th September 2014 in Northampton.

  There were 204 Entries in the 57 Classes.

  Best Exhibit was by Pat Davies

  Best Single Adult Fish was by Brian Parkin

  Best Single Baby Fish Bred 2014 was by Alex King

  Best Breeders Team Bred 2014 was by Pat Davies

  For all winner results go to Page 11

 Here are members of NGPS, AMGK, NEGS & BAS installing their goldfish in the Show tanks at Weston Favell Parish Hall.  A  full report can be read in the November 2014 Newsletter (on this website).  The same venue will be used for the 2015 OS on  September 26th 2015.  But before then will be the AMGK OS on Saturday 20th June, NEGS on Sunday 19th July, BAS on  Sunday 6th September and ours on Saturday 12th September.

               The 2015 Open Shows

Judging at the AMGK OS on 20th June.

 More photographs and a full report can
 be read in the July 2015 Newsletter (on
 this site).  It was also reported on the
 Practical Fishkeeping monthly’s website
 (under Club News).

 Judging the 15th NEGS OS on
 July 19th.  Sherridan, Alan
 Ratcliffe, Richard Rizzotti, David  Padfield, Dean Roberts and  Craig Clinton all won awards.

 A full report will be in the  August 2015 Newsletter.

 The 2nd Nationwide Open Show for the Goldfish Societies was on the 26th September 2015.  Full details will be in the October Newsletter. are photos from the Show…we did quite well….

 Judging the Bristol Aquarist  Association Open Show on 6th  September at Whitehall.  

 Again, see the Newsletters for
 a full report.

 Judging our Open Show on 12th  September at Stretford.  

 Again, see the Newsletters for
 a full report.

Best in Show was a Wakin

     by Ian Millden

         Best photograph was this splendid picture by Richard Rizzotti

16 tanks of  member-bred Goldfish were               auctioned by Pat Davis

There was also a Tombola and guess the numbers in a bottle - plus ‘name that doll’ (being blown-up here by Sherridan!)

Hot & cold food and soft drinks all day…in the picnic area a TV showed videos by President Bill Ramsden and Vice President David Ford


  Prize Giving

  Fish that   won a First

  The Judges pointing the 165 entries

  Sherridan presented the prizes and here
  congratulates Dean on his Firsts

 Alan Ratcliffe won Best in Show  with his London Shubunkin

   The 2016 Open Shows

                    Sherridan with Bill Ramsden and his granddaughter Jo-anne judging the Goldfish

  The club have Guppy-keepers too, so they

    combined their OS with the 2nd Leg of the

    Fancy Guppy league.

    Full reports are on the PFK website and

    published in The Aquarium Gazette.

    The Guppy people will have Leg 4 at the

    Nationwide OS in Telford too.

Sherridan won Firsts with his Bubble-eyes

   and Lionheads

   Richard won a First with owner-bred    Nacreous Fantail

   Alan (with Londons, of course)

   won two 1sts.

   David Padfield won a First with a matched    pair of Bristol


    AMGK President and Open Show Manager     
     Andrew Barton presented the prizes to our winners.


       …but the Best in Show was a worthy

       by their Andrew Barton, a Nacreous

     by their Andrew Barton, a Nacreous Fantail.

     July 17th was the NEGS Open Show and Auction at Redby, Sunderland

Only 100 entries but we made our contribution - most of the Judges were NGPS and we all got Firsts.

    Unusually the same Goldfish won both Best in Show and

    Best Owner-bred.  A Bristol Shubunkin by Phil Riley of

    BAS.  He bred the Bristol and it is now one year old.  

    That means two trophies, presented by our President..

     Sherridan won Firsts with Bubble-eyes, Pompon,      Lionhead and a Veiltail,
     Dean with a Common, Alan and Alex with Fantails.

   Their winning fishes, who all made the
   long journey North

The Bristol Aquarist Society held their annual Open Show in The Manor Hall, Coalpit Heath, Bristol

   on Sunday 4th September - for the last time.  Next year they are moving to the Hengrove

    Community Centre on Fortfield Road, Hengrove, Bristol BS14 9NX.  

   Bob Jones (BAS) explains the entries for 2016 to the (eight) Nationwide Judges.

Best in Show




   BAS have some

   very good

   rosettes and


  Sherridan received

   his BinS Trophy from

   Peter Lloyd, the son

   of Stan Lloyd, an ex-

   President of BAS.    Stan passed away

   last February and this

   was the club’s tribute

   to him for many years

   of past service.

      Neil Colman (BAS) ran their famous Auction - there were 69 Lots of home-bred fish selling for    £10 to £20 for a shoal of 3 to 6.  The top seller- at
      £70 - was Bob Jones’s trio

         of Bristol Shubunkins…popular for their excellent breeding-line shape and colour….

         So he celebrated his wins as well as sales!

 Then, only 6 days later, it was our Open Show, Saturday  10th September 2016

  Held as always at St Matthews Hall, Stretford.  There   were 126 entries and 9 lots of home-bred Fancy Goldfish   were auctioned.

    Gary Malpas won the Best in Show with his Calico

    Fantail.  Here he is receiving his trophy from
    President  Bill Ramsden.   

               Here also is the actual Goldfish…

…and the other Class Winners….

 Alex King NGPS NGPS

   Bob Jones NGPS

 Ian Mildon NGPS

 Jan Ferris rewards Bill

 Andy Barton NGPS

  David Padfield NGPS

    Two of the    winning Goldfish

  For the full story  see the  September 2016 NGPS   Newsletter


   The 2017 Showing Season starts with the AMGK - their 43rd OS June 24th  2017 at Coventry

           The judges included our Chairman, Sherridan Moores, our President Bill Ramsden (and he is in his

                                                     91st year) and Show Sec Dean Roberts.

                      See the AMGK website for all the results - but one special one was the Best in Show.

                                            Won (for the first time) by Dean with his Pearlscale.


                     Sherridan Moores, Richard Rizzotti and David Padfield also won Firsts and received the


                         AMGK certificates and trophies.  Which is good because there were 211 entries.

  The traditional Auction was well attended (40 visitors) and there were 66 lots of mainly home bred Goldfish.  Richard sold his Moors, as always.

                 In addition to the AMGK website the show is featured in the Practical Fishkeeping website (under News).

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            July16th was the NEGS Open Show and Auction at Redby, Sunderland

  How Sherridan coped with 1,2&3 winners!

    Alan Race congratulates Craig Clinton, Sherridan Moores, Tom Bell and Alan Ratcliffe on their Firsts    

   Alan’s Tosakin (BinS)   

  Best Oranda

  Best Shubunkin

 Best Celestial

T            he next Nationwide Group Open Show was by the Bristol Aquarist Society at their

                new venue of the Hengrove Community Centre, Hengrove, Bristol BS14 9NX.

   Sherridan Moores and   Dean   Roberts    visited as   Nationwide  Judges and won
    a few prizes  I visited to take the
     photos, of course.

  The Best in Show was a

  Calico Fantail by their

  Show Sec Bob Jones.

   Our Open Show, Saturday 16th September 2017 was
    held as always at St Matthews Hall, Stretford.  

    There were 160 entries and 19 lots for the Auction of
     home-bred Fancy Goldfish.

 The Judges were  President Bill Ramsden, Chairman Sherridan Moores, with Craig Clinton and     Andrew Barton, President of AMGK.

   Best in Show was won by Alan Ratcliffe with his London Shubunkin.

         The Auction was run by Richard Rizzotti with all the 19 Lots sold,

                                   often for bargain price.

 The Raffle was exceptional with over 40 items, all well worth winning.  It raised   over £60 for club funds.


     here was free hot beverages for the  early arrival visitors (thanks Abby and Alan).

    At Lunch time there was Hot Pot and assorted puddings available at £5 (thanks to

   St Matthews Church).  The Judges & Show Sec. were fed too ….


            VP David Ford gave a lecture on ‘The History of the Aquarium’.

   The Trophies were handed out by President Bill with samples of Aquarian and FishScience Foods.

   Craig Clinton won the most Firsts and his

    daughter Millie (now an honorary Junior

    Member) collected all his awards.

          Sherridan and Dean won Firsts.

  VP David Ford won a First for the first time!  With his Comet Goldfish.

                        Richard Rizzotti and David Padfield won Firsts too.

   Garry Malpas always wins a First.

   Visitor Jackie Pedley won several

    First  too.  She should join us!


       Just  a few of those winning fishes ….

     All agreed it was a really excellent Open Show.

     Now we will meet again at the Nationwide.

     Saturday 24th September at Telford - if you can’t

     make it, read all about it on this website.     


    Later - photos etc of Nationwide 2017 can be found

    on page 3 - the Nationwide Page