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Annual Picnic Day...Sunday 22nd May 2011. A tour of Watergardens in the Stockport area and a picnic in the town’s rose garden.  Then to Alan Ratcliffe and Craig Clinton’s fish houses.

Dean, Sherridan, Abby, Richard, Alan (and David behind camera) at Alan’s fish house and garden

Sherridan explains to Richard the technical content of Alan’s fish house on Picnic Day

The NGPS annual dinner with (L2R) Alan Birchenough,Sherridan Moores,Dean Roberts, Sharon Hall, David Ford, Trafford Centre March 2011

     A visit to Ian Milden GSGB’s fish house in Bristol

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Xmas time at Trafford Centre and we hold our

2012 Christmas Dinner - only the stalwarts were able to make it, Dean Roberts, Phil Riley,

Sherridan Moores and David Ford: good

American meal and good company…

Bill and David resting at the 2013 OS

Our first ‘Goldfish Social Meeting’ at a Hotel in Llandudno, over the weekend of November 9th & 10th 2013.

We are watching a video of Bill Ramsden’s Goldfish over the years.

Then fish & chips and off to the Kings Arms….

 On Sunday 20th June 2014 members gathered at Richard Rizzotti’s home to visit his developing Fish  House.  Houses, actually, Sherridan and Dean are in one and then Richard shows his latest fry to Dean
 in the other.  Richard also has two ponds - the second one is shown being built, with a sandy base for
 the Butyl Liner and a central drain….later we will photo the final design.  (Later - see below!)

 It is September 2014 and it has been a good year  for Goldfish spawning - as shown by the crowded  tanks in Sherridan’s fish house.

 To raise all the fry Sherridan cultures Brine Shrimp  and has two ponds full of Daphnia.

 Food is copious Aquarian Flake and various Pellets  fed several times a day.

 This gives water filled with mulm and algae….

….but that is not a problem  because all the aquaria are
 linked to a mains water flow
 of up to 300 gallons per day

 Sherridan’s Fish House is an all-glass greenhouse with 6 foot x 18” x 8” deep aquaria on 3” x 3” timber  frames.

 Water flows into the top tanks and overflows down to the lower tanks, then to waste.  There is constant  aeration via a compressor and one tank is heated to maximise growth rates.

 Being all-glass, the light levels are intense, which helps colour development.

 Separate 24” x 12” tanks are balanced over the 6 footers for use with fry and culling etc.

 At the far end of the Fish  House can be seen a unit  for hatching Brine Shrimp  and more small all-glass  tanks for fish inspection.

   A visit to Sherridan’s place….

 Our Annual Dinner - took place at the Thai Buffet
 Restaurant ‘Chaobaby’ in the Orient at Trafford
 Park on March 31st 2015. Here are Abbey &  Richard Rizzotti, Chairman Sherridan Moores,
 Craig Clinton, Dean Roberts, Tom Hindley and
 behind the camera, VP David Ford.  Tasty food
 and Golden conversation.

 A barbecue at Richard and Abbey’s home…the  Nationwide Committee did some work there while  eating burgers and sausages! August 29th 2015.


 Richard’s ponds, that can be seen being built last  year (see above) are now finished and stocked.

 The Fish House is also well
 stocked with breeding Show Fish

 ….and their home had a well
 stocked buffet to go with the  barbie…

 October 2015 and for the third year the NGPS have a Social Weekend in Llandudno - this time we all went to the SeaQuarium at Rhyl.  Here is Ian Mildon,
 Graham Turner, Bob Jones, Sherridan Moores, Dean Roberts and behind the camera, David Ford.

 Lots of feasting - from breakfasts to late Dinners

  plus Goldfish conversations, of course.

 Not Goldfish, but the Sealion
 show was interesting….

 Dean has a feel of a live Marine  animal offered by a live human in  Halloween costume!

  NGPS members were able to examine Richard’s breeding stock of Ryukins and Moors.


 October 29th to 31st was this year’s NGPS Social Weekend - for the third time at Broadway Hotel in Llandudno.  

  The Social Committee met there to discover new places

  to visit.  They went to the SeaZoo in Anglesey and were most impressed with the displays and fish.  It was also the final ceremony of the Wales Car Rally so they
  became involved in these celebrations.  Make a note for 2017 - contact Sherridan for details.  

  The Crew - Sherridan Moores, Dean Roberts,

  Ian Mildon and David Ford


    Lots of wining & dining - seaside style…


    The Anglesey SeaZoo visit was impressive,

    only a short drive North from Llandudno.



  The World’s Car Rally, GB Leg, ended in Llandudno whilst we were there - so that added
   interest to our Social Weekend.
  A year later we did it all again!


   Dean Roberts and
   David Ford are just here!

  August 2016 and Richard and Abbey hold another barbeque

August 2016 and another Richard
  and Abbey Barbecue

October 2017 and

  back to Llandudno
  … and a Chinese!

 Here we are on a trip to  the Blue Planet, Chester

 Watching the Blue Planet
 Acrylic Tunnel being
 cleaned of the Great Orme,


   We watched the end of
   the Welsh Road Rally -


    … but we always ended up in the Llandudno British Legion.

   2018 and our first event was a behind the scenes tour of the

   Chester Zoo Aquarium.

  Photos from the 2018 Barbecue by Richard & Abby Rizzotti

  We also held the May 2018 Meeting there.  Eventually there were
  President Bill Ramsden, Vice President David Ford, Chairman   Sherridan Moores, Trophy Secretary David Padfield, Charles
  Ornstein,Mick Smith, Joanne Ramsden, Mike Rizzotti with Richard   & Abby Rizzotti.

 President Bill thinks ‘I must have a word with Richard about the  Algae (actually, it was the hottest, sunniest, May Day ever - the  water was gin-clear the previous day!).

       The girls prepare a feast!


  We must put photos of Richard’s ponds on file because they will soon be   gone!  The Rizzotti’s are having a house extension and the ponds will be   removed - what replaces them will be published - eventually…

Back in 2016 we recorded our President playing his Accordion.

Here is that recording - not bad for a 90 year old!



   The 2018 Social Weekend was spent, yet again, in Llandudno, weekend of    17th & 18th November.  There were only four of us, Sherridan Moores,    Dean Roberts, Alan Birchenough and David Ford.  This is probably
   because after four annual visits, everywhere of interest to Goldfish
   people have already been visited.    We hope to choose a different place
   with different interests in 2019  - see the Newsletters.


                  This year we were in the Grand Hotel on the Pier.


            Usual feasting - Goldfish people eating fish (and chips)