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  www.northerngoldfishsociety.com    home of the Northern Goldfish and  Pondkeepers Society (you are on this site now)

                           or if you have a smart phone use the smaller site: http://ngps.webplus.net

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          David Ford at:

  My website has many books

  and articles on fishkeeping:


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www.northeastgoldfish.co.uk   The North East Goldfish Society

www.bristol-aquarists.org.uk  Home of the Bristol Blue Goldfish

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 http://amgk.co.uk   The Midland Goldfish Keepers

 The site for Aquarian, Rena, API and PondCare

The Federation of British Aquatic Societies

 The monthly aquatic magazine

 The British Livebearers Association

...and for Goldfish lovers:-