Social Activities


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 We have an Annual Picnic  Day...this was Sunday 22nd May  2011. A tour of Watergardens in  the Stockport area and a picnic in  the town’s rose garden.  Then to  Alan Ratcliffe home and Craig  Clinton’s fish houses.

 Sometimes the picnic was a  barbeque … here we are at
 member Richard Rizzotti’s home in  2014 to 8.


   There is also a Christmas Dinner

   every year …

  Every year we go on a weekend   away to somewhere with a public   aquarium. In 2015,6,7 & 8 we   went to Llandudno - here we are
  in their British Legion

  A visit to the Anglesey Zoo   Aquarium in 2016 and the Blue   Planet in 2017

  Sometimes a behind-the-scenes   tours such as here at Chester
  Zoo in 2018   

 Every month we meet at The
 Church Inn in Prestwich.  Here
 we are at the AGM April 2019…