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      Our annual Open Show    and Auction is held every    year on the second    Saturday of September.

   All these Shows are    detailed in the Newsletters    on the Pages listed in the    Home Page.

   The Shows are held at St.    Matthews Hall, Stretford,
   Manchester M32 9AJ.    

      The latest results of the
   NGPS Open Show are
   detailed below. The past
   results for all the
   Nationwide Goldfish Clubs
   are available on request


   The NGPS 2018 results ……

   The 2018 NGPS Open Show

   and now the 2019 Open Show

   This celebrates our 60th    year and so was a
   Diamond Jubilee Show.

  September 14th at St. Matthews   Hall, Stretford.  There was also
  a grand Raffle with prizes worth   up to £100 and an Auction of   20 Pedigree Goldfish that were   all sold at bargain prices.

 Special Jubilee Trophies were  awarded in the 40 Classes ….

Being an Open Show, not only
 Members but visiting Aquarists  received these Trophies plus  products by sponsors Aquarian  and FishScience.

…and many more.  All  congratulated by our 92 year-old  President Bill Ramsden, who is  still judging at our Shows.

 The Results are appended HERE


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