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NGPS Information

  The Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers   Society (NGPS) was founded in 1959.
It caters for people who are interested in   keeping and breeding all forms of Fancy   Goldfish.

  The Society is proud of its northern roots   but membership now covers all of the   country and abroad; members are   welcome from all areas. The NGPS is one   of the country’s top specialist fish societies   and membership is essential for all those   seriously interested in Goldfish.

  All aspects of Goldfish history, husbandry,   breeding and showing are covered, live fish   are often featured, visiting speakers attend   and society visits are arranged in a friendly,   informed atmosphere. Members have   access to rare Goldfish varieties that just   can’t be bought in the shops, such as   London Shubunkins, Fantails, Wakin, true   Orandas, Pom-pons, Bubble-eyes, Ryukin,   the beautiful British-originated Bristol   Shubunkin and the legendary Veiltail (yes,   they really do exist).

  The Society has extensive contacts with   breeders and institutions nationally and   internationally, especially in the Far East   and uniquely holds in Britain part of   the Chinese National Goldfish Collection.   Occasional foreign ‘Goldfish’ holidays are   arranged for members, we have been to   China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

  The Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers   Society holds meetings several times a   year, though at present these are   suspended because of Covid. There is no   requirement to attend the meetings,   though this is undoubtedly the way to get   maximum benefit from membership and all   meetings minutes along with articles and   features are included in the monthly   Newsletter (on-line or sent to members by   post).      

  An annual open show is held every year in   Manchester on the second Saturday in   September at St. Matthews Church Hall,   Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester M32   9AJ.  

  Members who show their fish can win   awards, as judged by specialist Goldfish   judges. Full details on how to join are on   page 10 of this website or you can get   more information on the Society from the   Chairman, Sherridan Moores,
  email:  moores_s@sky.com

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