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 We have an Annual Picnic  Day...this was Sunday 22nd May  2011. A tour of Watergardens in  the Stockport area and a picnic in  the town’s rose garden.  Then to  Alan Ratcliffe home and Craig  Clinton’s fish houses.

 Sometimes the picnic was a  barbeque … here we are at
 member Richard Rizzotti’s home in  2014 to 8.


   There is also a Christmas Dinner

   every year …

  Every year we go on a weekend   away to somewhere with a public   aquarium. In 2015,6,7 & 8 we   went to Llandudno - here we are
  in their British Legion

  A visit to the Anglesey Zoo   Aquarium in 2016 and the Blue   Planet in 2017

  Sometimes a behind-the-scenes   tours such as here at Chester
  Zoo in 2018   

 Every month we meet at The
 Church Inn in Prestwich.  Here
 we are at the AGM April 2019…  

 The 2019 Social Weekend was  spent visiting ‘The Deep’ in Hull.

 Member Alan Birchenough, Show  Secretary Dean Roberts, Chairman  Sherridan Moores, Show Manager  David Roberts (and me behind the
 camera) in deep The Deep.

 ‘The Deep’ is more about  Geoscience than Aquariums, but
 fascinating and some excellent  displays of freshwater and marine  fishes.

 We stayed in cottages in Barton-
 on-Humber where the village is  well-known for its Giant Fish in
 the local Fish & Chip shop.